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HC-306B Rate of Rise Heat Detector


1.Joint functioning way: NO Type

2.The use of common base is advantageous to the
   exchange of detector.
Functioning way

As the fire is formed rapidly, the rapid heat convection and hot wind make the room temperature rise drastically.  The Rate of rise heat detector can detect the speedy rise of temperature within a short period of time.  It then functions and enters an alarming situation.  Meanwhile, the LED will be turned on automatically and give alarm to the fire signal receiving machine.


Model No

HC-306B Rate of Rise Heat Detector

Overall structure

Joint voltage



Fire-resisting ABS resin material

Joint current


Joint terminal

Copper rod (zinc-plated)
Suitable temperature -15~50°C


Suitable humidity 0~95% RH
Size 103mm x 43mm
Weight 140g

General wiring drawing


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