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HC-307D Heat Detector (Electronic Type)


1.Has monitoring function.  The LED flashes once
  every 4 ~ 6 seconds.

2.There are two LEDs which can turn 360o and watch
    the situation of the detector at any angle.

3.It provides the wiring (-R) function of entrance LED.

4.The use of common base is advantageous to the
   exchange of detector.
Functioning way

Heat Detector (electronic type) – This detector has the functions of both Rate of rise heat detector and Fixed-temperature heat detector.  It can detect the speedy rise of temperature within a short period of time, and then function and send out message to give alarm to the fire signal receiving machine.  Besides, the detector has the function of temperature fixing.  When the normal temperature exceeds the preset point of function temperature, the detector will send out message to give alarm to the fire signal receiving machine.


Model No

Heat Detector (Electronic Type) 

Overall structure

Adopted voltage



Fire-resisting ABS resin material

Monitoring electric current


Joint terminal

Copper rod (zinc-plated)
Functioning electric current 60mA


Suitable temperature -15~50°C Notes Prohibit from being installed at the places with large volume of smoke and steam lingering, and the inlet and outlet of cold and warm air.
Suitable humidity 0~95% RH
Size 103mm x 43mm
Weight 125g


General wiring drawing

Wiring drawing of entrance LED


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