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HC- 601UV Flame Detector

Size description drawing
Functioning way

The UV TRON is a bipolar tube with a structure similar to that of a phototube. the inside of the UV TRON tube is filled with a special gas. It is only sensitive to ultraviolet rays. When UV glass due to the photoelectric emission effect. Then a large current is rapidly generated between the anode and the cathode and electricity is discharged. The strength of UV rays which pass through the UV glass is monitored by electronic circuitry which triggers the detector unto the alarm state.

Flame detection area drawing

In case of about 6 cm's flame within an area of 10 meters, message will be sent out within 1-3 seconds.
In case of about 10 cm's flame within an area of 30 meters, message will be sent out within 5-30 seconds.


Model No

HC-601UV Flame Detector

Overall structure

Adopted voltage



Fire-resisting ABS resin material

Monitoring electric current

(初期230μA) 90μA

Joint terminal

Copper rod (zinc-plated)
Functioning electric current 60mA


Suitable temperature -15~50°C

Strictly restricted from any light source with ultra-violet rays, such as halogen light, sun light, mercury light, electric insecticide light, lighter, spark of electric appliance, welding spark, sunshine, etc.  Any other light sources with ultra-violet rays also cannot directly shine on the UV pipe of the detector.
Detecting area:  About 65 degrees around the perpendicular side, and 65 degrees above and below the water level.
Effective sensing distance: Within 30 meters.

Suitable humidity 0~95% RH
Size 103mm x 43mm
Weight 130g

General wiring drawing

Wiring drawing of entrance LED


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